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Monday, January 22, 2007

Calling All Lurkers!!!

Calling all lurkers! From all corners of the globe! I know you're out there because my cluster map tells me so. So why don't I hear from any of you??

If you've never commented, I'd love it if you'd come out of the woodwork, say Hi!, where you are from & how you found my blog. I'd love to put some names to the many dots on the map.

So now it's your turn...
posted by Father's Grace Ministries at 10:14 pm


Hi Claire! I enjoy reading your Biblical thoughts and ideas of upbringing and everyday life. I really think your Blog is a blessing! - Kaisa from Caloundra, QLD

1:21 pm  

Hello. I just found your blog within the past week. I'm enjoying what you have to say. :)

12:26 pm  

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