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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Importance of Family Devotions

I was recently loaned a copy of the Westminster Confession of Faith. I'd never read it before. It was put together in the 1600's, & in perusing the introductions, I was amazed at the relevence the words still hold today. Here are some quotes I've put together for you:

To the Christian Reader, especially Heads of Families,

As we cannot but with grief of soul lament those multitudes of errors, blasphemies, & all kinds of profaneness, which have in this last age, like a mighty deluge, overflown this nation; so, among several other sins which have helped to open the flood-gates of all these impieties, we cannot but esteem the disuse of family instruction one of the greatest.

How much the serious endeavours of godly parents & masters might contribute to an early seasoning the tender years of such as are under their inspection, is abundantly evident, not only from their special influence upon them, in respect of their authority over them, interest in them, continual presence with them, & frequent opportunities of being helpful to them; but also from the sad effects which, by woeful experience, we find to be the fruit of the omission of this duty...

Families are societies that must be sanctified to God as well as Churches; & the governors of them have as truly a charge of the souls that are therein, as Pastors have of the Churches. But alas, how little is this considered and regarded!...They offer their children to God...& there they promise to teach them the doctrine of the gospel,& bring them up in the nurture of the Lord; but they easily promise, & easily break it; & educate their children for the world & the flesh, although they have renounced these, & dedicated them to God.

How relevent is all this to us today!! It's no wonder Satan is out to destroy the family unit!

Food for thought: If every Christian Mother & Father diligently took their parenting role as seriously as this, how would our society become? Could we actually create a reverse peer group pressure within our Churches? I wonder...

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