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Monday, February 05, 2007

Some Things Never Change...

I may have mentioned before on one of my blogs about books, how much I love Arthur Maxwell's "The Bible Story" set for children. Although they are Seventh Day Adventist , they are very reverent, in both word & picture,& there is only a little that requires altering while reading. (It's very difficult to find any children's bible story that is entirely faithful to Scripture-if anyone knows of any exceptional ones, please make a comment.)

The set we have was copyrighted in 1953 & has beautiful illustrations both from that era & Bible times. God has really been reaffirming to me lately the importance of family devotions & praying together as a foundation for impacting our children for Christ. You can't rely on Church & Sunday School. Their purpose is to reaffirm what happens at home. Here is a quote from the foreward to the first book in the set:

It is one of the strangest paradoxes of our time that just when the Bible is enjoying its widest circulation, millions of copies being sold every year, fewer people than ever seem to be reading it. Because in countless homes family worship & the reading of the Bible have been neglected, & parents themselves seldom open its pages, a whole generation is growing up with little or no knowledge of this wonderful Book.

Most modern children have heard little or nothing about the great Bible characters of ancient times, so familiar to their Grandparents. Their heroes are not Daniel, Paul & Peter, but Dick Tracy & Superman. They have never heard of the love of Jesus, & thus have been robbed of the greatest treasure their minds & hearts could possess. No wonder there is so much juvenile delinquency, youthful vandalism, and lawlessness.

Bearing in mind that this was written in the early 1950's, when TV was still fairly new, you can see that it didn't take very long for pop culture & commercialism to creep in on a wider scale. I guess the quote proves the Scripture that says There is nothing new under the sun, or the simple fact that some things never change. Let us be among those who do not neglect family worship, Bible reading & prayer.

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