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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dreams of Beautiful Girlhood

Both my little girls love to be by my side at home, helping Mama. Whether it be dusting, baking, hanging out the washing, or washing the dishes, they love to be helpers. Of course there are times when it's not convenient for them to help- like when I'm in a big hurry, or have to keep to a strict timetable, but I'm learning to be more accomodating, as they get older-These tender years won't last forever! And I want to make these special moments last!

On Saturday, Talitha had time helping me rinse dishes & wipe up. Zara usually helps me, but as Talitha is now in school, she misses out during the week. Her enthusiasm was priceless! You'd think she was on an outing to Dreamworld, she glowed so much, but no, she was helping Mama & relishing it!!

Zara shared her excitement & packed the knives & forks away(not the sharp cutting ones!). I watched on in admiration & realized that despite my imperfections, they were learning to run a home at 5 & 3 respectively, just by observation & enjoying my company. It seemed so natural...I stood there misty eyed watching them in their pretty dresses they love to wear & thought that they looked like a pair of very content 1950's housewives- happy housewives- not desperate ones & realized that sadly what is a normality in our home is not considered normal by society as a whole anymore...

They were full of joy reveling in the simple natural joys of being female. Talitha turned to me & said, "We're being little Mummies!!" I hope I can nuture these simple dreams of beautiful girlhood & pray that the world at large won't stifle what God has already put in their little hearts & minds.
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