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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Skipping a Generation or Two!

Those who know me well, know that my taste in music is definately, well "Old Fashioned". The music I grew up with ranged from classical to orchestral (Mantovani) & all the great voices of the early 20th Century. These were played on the record player at our family home & also at my paternal Grandparents' place. We were all lovers of great music. I never really got into rock, unless you can count Elvis Presley, as my Dad & I used to dance to his music together around our living room. His music always brings back "Precious Memories" to me.

My husband shares many favourites with me. It seemed only natural to bring up our children with some of the same sounds. One of our favourite genres these days are Hymns. I' m hooked on them. Our children are learning to love them too.
One of my favourite times during the week is when it's my turn to do the school run with Talitha. It's 25 mins each way, so hubby & I share the job. We cruise along & I'm always flipping the car radio between our local Christian Station (plays everything from hymns to contempory) & the local Nostalgia station which plays music from mainly the 1920's to the 1960's. As soon as anything too modern for my tastes comes on I flip back to the other station. Talitha & I laugh & talk & share all the way home.

We were talking in the car the other day, when something came up about Bing Crosby. I told Talitha how much I enjoy his Christmas carol CD's. Talitha suddenly piped up with, "Bing Crosby- Is he married to Fanny Crosby?"

I managed to stifle my giggles & explained that they were born many years apart. When I told my hubby later , he ripped with laughter! Never one to miss an opportunity, we did Fanny Crosby's "Praise The Lord!" for devotions last night! Their musical & Christian education continues!

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Hi Claire,

I trust all is well with you. I feel we are almost of kindred spirits. I am absolutely hooked to the good ol’ hymns also. I just cannot get myself into this new “contemporary” stuff. I find just the word “contemporary” bugs me!


11:04 am  

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