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Monday, March 19, 2007

What We Did for Saint Patrick's Day

I'd been thinking for some time about using some of the special Christian days on the calender as an opportunity to have a fun learning time with the children & to help them have an appreciation for Church History & to learn of those who've gone before us in the faith.

So the morning of St Patrick's Day found me ironing green outfits for all the family.This was fun for us adults too, as my hubby has Irish blood in his family. I only have one Irish Colleen in my family tree I'm aware of- but it's better than nothing!-I'm mainly from English & German stock).

I started by explaining to the girls that St Patrick was the man who brought Christianity to Ireland & they watched the Veggetales flannelgraph animation of the story. We then sat down with a Church history book with illustrations from which I read the brief story of St Patrick & also of St Columba-the Irishman God sent to bring Christianity to Scotland.We studied a map of the British Isles finding where they came from & went to. We then relaxed and listened to some Irish/Celtic style praise & worship music, followed by some Celtic guitar.

That was just about the extent of it for this year. We stayed home not really being into the green beer bit & all that goes with it. One year it might be nice to take the children to see some Irish folk dancing.

Do any other Mums out there have any ideas to share from what they do with their children to celebrate some of the other Christian holidays on the calender, or St Patricks Day? I'd love to hear your ideas.

I also found out recently that Oct 31 is Reformation Day- the anniversary of when Martin Luther nailed his complaints against Roman Catholicism to the church door. This could be a fun learning day with German food & finding out more about Martin Luther at their age level-any ideas?

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