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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Two Great Sites for Youth

I don't often recommend sites for youth, as it's not often I find something really worth while- but I have & here they are: www.therebelution.com & http://ylcf.org/ (The Young Ladies Christian Fellowship).

Both of these sites are being run by young people for young people. The Rebelution was started by 2 brothers of Joshua Harris (who wrote "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" & other good books on Christian courtship). These young men challenge fellow teens to be responsible "Do hard things", respect their parents, older folk & their sisters in Christ. They recently conducted a Modesty Survey online amongst some godly young men- the results are very interesting & it's well worth a look. Girls & guys alike will be challenged & inspired. They also recommend some great resources in the way of books etc. It would be a great source of material for some Aussie Youth groups. If you work with youth, have a look.

The Young Ladies Christian Fellowship will appeal to girls from as young as 10 to young marrieds. The blog articles are many & varied with my favourite writers being Gretchen, Natalie & Lanier. If you or your children are bookworms, you'll love their recommended reading lists & book reviews. You will read heartfelt articles on being content while single, loving the Lord, preparing a Hopechest (we Aussies call them glory boxes), preparing for marriage, motherhood & more. Natalie also has some interesting articles on her travels to other countries. These girls are great role models for younger ones & if our daughters grow up to follow in their footsteps, we'll be very blessed indeed.

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