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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Learning to Turn Her Eyes from Evil

I've seen huge changes in our Talitha lately, as she grows in character, seeking to follow after the Lord.

While she has always been quick to point out anything wrong or evil she notices, she is now actively turning her face away from whatever it is, as well of her own accord.

For example, "The Simpsons" is programmed to begin straight after the channel 10 news. We usually change to the local news on another channel, straight after the 10 news. Sometimes we'll be at the table eating dinner as the 10 news finishes & if one of us is a little slow in getting up to change the channel, The Simpsons theme music comes on, & Talitha says, "Quick! Change the channel! The Yukky show is coming on!". Now she used to say this as she stared at the TV intently out of curiosity, but now she is turning her head away & telling Zara to do so too!

Also, on Sunday night, we were at my Mum & Dad's place relaxing in the lounge room, the TV was on & "Ugly Betty" had started. Talitha came into the room & started to watch a bit, so I thought I'd better keep an eye on the show, as I wasn't very familiar with it. Anyway, a few minutes later they had a scene in a strip club! I grabbed the hand control- "Mum!", I said, "I 'm turning this off- visually inappropriate stuff!!"

Anyway, Talitha left the room suddenly & went to see my hubby who was finishing up on the computer in another room. My first thought was that she was going to challenge my authority & complain to Dad that Mum turned her show off.

How wrong I was & how pleasantly surprised. They both came out of the room a few minutes later & I said, "I had to turn the TV off- there was visually inappropriate stuff!"

Hubby said, "Yes, I know." Talitha came & told me that "Ugly Betty" was a very bad show. She had heard a male character say just before it was turned off that he had lots of girlfriends and boyfriends. And she said that was very bad!! And it was a very bad show & she didn't want to watch it anymore.

Praise the Lord!! Talitha has been learning at school the old Sunday school classic "Be careful Little Eyes what You See..." I've talked to her at length about guarding her heart, not conforming to what other kids say is OK, as every family has its own standards, and looking at Phillipians 4:8 as a good measuring stick for things.

God's Word is impacting her little heart. I pray she will stay true to her convictions as she grows in grace & truth.

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posted by Father's Grace Ministries at 9:26 pm


It truly is a deep joy and very humbling to see the work of God in our children's lives, isn't it? Your girls sound delightful and I am sure that a godly home sets a sure foundation for faith.

I love your blog and am so glad I found it from your comment on my blog.

12:02 am  

Lovely to have you here! It's so encouraging to get feedback from other Christian women.We can all learn from each other.Bloggings a great way to connect & fellowship in a sense with other like-minded people world wide-how amazing is that!
I've really been enjoying your articles too! I found your blog via a comment on Crystal's.
God Bless you & your lovely family

8:42 am  

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