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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Of Dentists, Happy Gas, and "Shalom Jerusalem"?!

I had my first dental appointment in a long time last Tuesday, and having had major work done in the past it was no big deal to me, rather I eagerly anticipated it.

As I was getting ready to leave, hubby had a sudden change of plans, so I was to take the children with me, and he would most probably be there to meet me by the time my appointment rolled around. I must have be called in a little early or he had been delayed, so I asked if there was room to bring the children into the treatment room with me, while I waited for my husband. Both the girls had a few small books in their bags and they sat down in the corner and started to read- I prayed they'd stay good as I hopped into the chair for a scale and polish, checkup and to get some broken bonding fixed.

As, in the past, I had to have some teeth ground down a bit to fix a major problem, they can be quite sensitive during a scale so I'm usually offered happy gas for the duration of the procedure. I specified that I only needed a little bit, as I don't like feeling spun out and I knew I'd have to keep an ear out on the children.

I breathed in, started to feel nice and floatly, but not too spun out and the procedure began. As the scaling machine had a break, I became aware of another rhythmic sound in the room- Miss 6 was singing "Shalom, Jerusalem" joyfully and quite loudly! I nearly laughed out loud, in spite of the equipment in my mouth, but since I couldn't ask her to stop and neither the dentist or nurse blinked an eyelid, I let her sing away.

Hubby soon arrived, checked that the girls had been good, and the dentist said, "They've been great, hardly knew they were here. One of them sang a mantra? to keep Mum relaxed..."

As I rinsed and rose from the chair I said, "That's the first time I've ever heard Talitha sing "Shalom Jerusalem" while under happy gas- that was weird! I'm so glad I don't do drugs!"

He laughed.

And the really good news- besides the girls being good during my appointment- I Had NO CAVITIES!!!

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