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Monday, February 25, 2008

Only Jesus?

My husband and I have a good collection of old Biblical and historical movies, and recently he thought he'd like to rewatch an old favourite- "The Robe". The girls were happily playing in their room, when sensitive Talitha became aware of the dramatic background music coming from the living room...

"Oh, dear..." said Talitha. "I hear scary music. I think somebody might be getting killed... I can't go out in the lounge!"

Brave Zara said, "It's not that scary- the music- I'll go out and check... Hey Talitha, it's OK- It's only Jesus getting killed!"

Only Jesus? As you can probably tell, our girls are brought up with a solid biblical knowledge. They know that Jesus was born in order to die in our place for our sins, and that then He was resurrected... My only hope is that this truth will not become "common place" for them, overly familiar... Yes, it's good they know that it was a good thing for Jesus to die, but my earnest prayer is that this gospel truth will always be a glorious wonder of God's love to them, and that God's life and truths will take root in the tender soil of their young hearts. Our children LOVE their Bible Stories, we should all pray that these should never become just "Familiar Territory" to our little ones' hearts and minds...

Food for thought and prayer...

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