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Monday, March 03, 2008

Hornets, Hubby's Hand, His Heart and Antihistamines...

What a weekend we have just lived through! It started off nice and peacefully. I was enjoying my weekly sewing lesson with our neighbour, Pat, and listening to the joyful sounds of our children helping their Daddy in the garden. I came back home through our back door, delighted by the sight of 2 of our home-grown roses arranged beautifully in our crystal vase on the dining table.

Hubby had indeed been very busy in the garden for a couple of days. The weather had been lovely and fine, but not too hot, after extended periods of much rain. I began to prepare lunch, the children came up, and then I heard my darling hubby scream in pain and he came running inside for an ice pack. He'd been pruning bushes and had totally forgotten about a large hornet or wasp nest that had been hidden on the inside of it.

The ice took the swelling down somewhat straight away, and the pain eased after about 5 minutes. He'd been badly stung 3 or 4 times. Saturday night/Sunday morning, he awoke between 4 and 5 am with tachecardia, he checked himself with his stethascope, and as he did so his heart slipped into A.F.: time for the ambulance... and to pray up for his 23rd cardio-inversion. I sat with him as we waited for the ambulance, and not considering the stings, I said, "I hope it wasn't the spaghetti and meatballs I cooked for tea!" Sounds weird, I know, but food poisoning can set this off in Max's body too- his heart conditions are extremely rare and unusual...

Just the week before, I had asked him, "What do we do about church on Sunday, if you fall ill on a Saturday night?" "Carry on as normal" he said, "And call Michael to be on standby to preach if the hospital won't discharge me in time." Well, now I was living the scenario I hoped would never happen! I stayed up praying for hubby and for wisdom, contacted Micheal and arranged for him to pick up most of equipment and the hall keys to set up while we went to the hospital. Thankfully hubby was "fixed" heartwise- (again)- no-one at the hospital believed that the stings could have played any part in it and they didn't pay much attention to it. After a quick drive home for a change of clothes and a last minute job on the laptop, we arrived just in time for communion and for hubby to preach- still with his circles stuck on him from the hospital!!! That's dedication!!

He still wasn't feeling too well that afternoon, and the hand began to swell badly again. After praying he managed a restful night's sleep but went to our local GP to get the swelling looked at. She removed a sting and sent him home with some antihistamine tablets and cream AND the firm opinion that the poison caused his heart emergency, as he had no other warning signs this time...

This afternoon I drove him passed the wasp nest, and he took dominion over it with a can of spray- from the car for safety- then I drove around the house so we could enter safely in the back door. We hope that's the last of the wasps or hornets we see around here for a long time.


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posted by Father's Grace Ministries at 9:03 pm


What a story! Phew, good to hear Max is back to normal. I know how bad a wasp sting hurts, but I can't imagine the heart pain.

I tried to comment some time earlier but it didn't come through. Anyway, would be lovely to catch up with you some time soon.

I'll be in touch!

Heaps of blessings, Kaisa

11:58 am  

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