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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snakes Alive!!!!

What a strange day Saturday turned out to be, what with Max being rushed off to hospital in the early hours- but you won't believe what happened as the girls and I prepared to leave for the hospital...

Max had said during the night while we waited for the ambulance, that there was no water in the car radiator, and that I would need to fill it before we left in the morning. I left the girls upstairs while I went down to fill the radiator. As I was doing so, I saw a smallish grass snake, not far from me at the bottom of the front steps to the house. I wasn't too worried, but kept an eye on it as it slowly went under our steps.

Just then Talitha called out from upstairs, "Snake!!!!" "Yes, darling I already know "I said.
"No Mummy- it's near the second level of steps- a big one and it's brown!!"

I was too low to see it properly, though I could just see something slithering away. I finished the car and said to Talitha." I'll go around the house. Can you let me in the back door please."

Being pregnant and not being able to walk to far, I huffed and puffed my way around to the back door- and there was another one!! It slithered away as I went up our back ramp, and I called to Talitha" Open the back door- I'm locked out- and there's another one out here!" I banged and banged- but no Talitha. She was inside frozen with fear crying about the snakes.
I called for Zara who managed to unlock the door and let me in. Poor Talitha was sitting on the kitchen bench scared out of her wits. I assured her they couldn't get in, and since we were really running late by now, I said that we would all leave together by the front steps since I couldn't see anything on the upper level. I told the girls to walk confidently with firm steps watching where they put their feet, and we got in the car with no further sightings- maybe Talitha's cries scared them off! When we came home with Max a short while later, he had a good look and
couldn't find a single one!

You wouldn't read about it would you!
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