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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little Miss Enterprise

Zara, aged 5, has been very interested in learning about money lately- how to count our Australian coins, how many you need to buy certain catalogue items like food and clothes... So for her math in homeschool, we've been counting coins and looking at catalogues, while Talitha does her workbook activity.

Both of our girls get a small amount of pocket money, which they have to save in their money boxes, and at the end of the year we give them a designated amount- like $20, that they can spend on something they want, that we approve of. Last year, Zara spent all her $20 at once on the "Andre Reieu Live in Australia" DVD- good taste eh?- She definately went for quality over quantity!

Talitha on the other hand wanted to get as much as she could for her dollars, and bought a vintage Little Golden book, an historic sticker book and a cheap pair of shoes- both girls were commended for they really thought about their purchases.

Of course, leaning about money is a great opportunity to teach that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, and how to save and spend wisely AND how catalogues are designed to make you WANT things... good life lessons.

The girls have been helping hubby clean up downstairs for a garage sale (US- Yard sale!) Wanting to earn a few dollars themselves, the girls started doing some "very intersting" things outside. Inspired by the Amish Rachel Yoder books we're reading, Talitha started painting rocks to sell- unfortunately she used waterpaints, so they weren't exactly Amish masterpieces.

Zara cracked me up big time announcing she was going to sell "her Moss". Having heard Daddy saying how good moss was for the garden, she took it upon herself to start tearing it down and putting it in a box to sell, figuring if it was good for OUR garden, people would spend good money to put it in Theirs!

I was hiding doubled up in the pantry, while she explained that one to her Daddy. I think Poppy will be very proud of her enterprising nature!- That's my laugh for the week!

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