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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Reaction to Queensland's Doom and Gloom Budget was...

My Reaction to the news coverage of Queensland's Doom and Gloom State budget was to thank the Good Lord for our free water, herbs, and the fruit and veges to come, glory in the happy, healthy, smiling faces of our four children, turn off the TV, put on my Smoky Mountain Hymns DVD, and do a happy dance! :-)

I think I'll relax with a Tasha Tudor book tonight and choose joy...


posted by Father's Grace Ministries at 8:58 pm


Good for you. It's easy to focus on the gloom and doom if we allow ourselves. Better to turn to God for our hope and joy.

As an aside: My mother (and her mother before her, and her mother before her) was born in the Smoky Mountains. The Smoky Mountain National Park and surrounding area is one of my favorite places on earth! (Of course I've never been to Australia. wink wink)

5:36 am  

Yes, Australia is a special place!!

I enjoyed seeing the Colarado Mtn pics from your last holiday. I think every country has special places. If I ever get over to the States- God willing, of course!- I would love to visit an Amish community, see New England and explore The South!.

12:51 pm  

You know, I've never really been to New England either. It's on my list of upcoming destinations. Amish country though, I'm very near to. The south is beautiful and near to my heart, but every unique region is beautiful in it's own way. By the way, have you seen the movie Australia? Not a very Christain movie to be sure but it does showcase the natural beauty and lure of the land.

2:26 pm  

No. I haven't seen "Australia" yet. One of my friends did though, and she loved it.

6:58 pm  

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