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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thrifted Literary Treasures

My wonderful, bargain-seeking husband blessed us abundantly last weekend when he happened upon a garage-sale in the same town we live in. Knowing how much I'm inspired by the art and brave lifestyle of the late Tasha Tudor, he snapped up "Springs of Joy". I have 2 of her books now!

For those who aren't familar with illustrator Tasha Tudor, who passed away last year in her nineties, she was as widely known for her beautiful gardens, afternoon teas, and living her desire to dwell in the 1830s, and to bring her children up in an innocent non-commercial world, as she was for her beautiful watercolour illustrations. She truly followed her dreams and lived a life consistant with Phillipians 4:8. She still inspires me. Hers was the real world- not the techno-overladen society that surrounds us today. I'm convinced we can all learn from Tasha- not that we all have to live in the 1830s- but that we can make our homes havens of joy and peace, dance to the beat of our own drum and not the commercial world's, and give our children something far better.

After that little digression, hubby also bought "The Fairy Caravan" by Beatrix Potter- I LOVE Beatrix Potter! and The Buttercup Story Book by Enid Blyton- beautiful treasures to capture our children's imaginations. He also purchased some Dr Suess books just for fun and a few others that Talitha loved. I can't wait to find some time and a cosy nook to read some myself!

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