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Friday, May 08, 2009

The Twins Birth Name Poem

I think I must have the best Dad in the world- he's not bad at poetry either! My darling Dad has written a birth name poem for each of our children. We frame them and hang them in our children's rooms, and they are greatly treasured items in our family. Names are very significant to us. Here is the twins' poem:

Zachary and Christopher

They came at once as babies do.

First there was one then there were two.

Zachary and Christopher at last were here.

Claire could rest- and shed a tear.

Max's smile was quite broad,

As he moved around the ward.

Talitha and Zara waited with Grandmother,

And Poppy lay down and tried to recover.

Claire's prayers were answered at last- two boys.

May their lives be filled with ample joys.

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