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Monday, August 16, 2010

Beatrix Potter's Nursery Rhyme Book

My lovely 8 year daughter went thrifting with her Daddy this week, and bought this lovely book for me. She knows her Mama well- how much I love Miss Potter's beautiful illustrations, and writings for children. I love that girl. She has good taste, and now keeps an eye out for vintage stuff as well. But I love her most of all, for the tender heart that bought the gift.

Here's a rhyme from the book that I'd never heard before. It was so beautiful. I thought I'd post it for you:


With pomp power and glory

the world beckons vainly,

In chase of such vanities

why should I roam?

While peace and content bless

my little thatched cottage,

And warm my own hearth

with the treasures of home.

Isn't that precious? I'd like to be like that faithful, old black kettle in the picture!
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My Emily would love that sweet book. I JUST LOVE KEITH GREEN. I used to really love Amy Grant too.

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