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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Here is our Zara Hope happily playing Monopoly with her "Babies" (Teddies and Dollies) on one of our two vintage Monopoly sets. I think I've mentioned before how much we love using vintage items in our home, and yes-even some of our boardgames are vintage.
Our Zara is a very resourceful young lass. In the absence of available players, she thought it a great opportunity to help her babies with their mathematics.
Zara is actually not bad at maths-especially when it comes to counting money. We've had to offer Godly counsel on occasion lest it become an obsession. Zara dreams of saving her money so that she may buy a farm one day and make everything herself in "Little House on the prairie" style. She also longs to help the poor children of the world and often asks what countries they live in. Just recently, we noticed she was adding extra coins into her money box, and I wondered where they were coming from. It turned out that her big sister gave her a coin for doing a job that she didn't want to do. Zara was inspired- and the Wishing Fairy was born!!! Zara was charging her sister money to grant her wishes!!!! Hubby firmly had to explain why this was not appropriate, while I scurried into the pantry for a good laugh: Is this Monopolzing the situation or what!!! I need to pray for this precious girl!

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yeah, i tricked her. i only gave 5 cents a week. Tee hee he

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