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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Talitha & Zara Meet Terri Irwin

We recently visited Australia Zoo on Robert's (Baby Bob's) 3rd birthday. Entry is free to children on both Robert's & Bindi's birthdays & so many locals take advantage of the cheaper entry fees. There was extra children's entertainment on the day with Humphrey B Bear, Noddy & the Tweenies all appearing.

It was my first Australia Zoo experience- the rest of the family went a couple of months ago- & I really enjoyed it-especially the elephants. I don't think I've ever been that close to one before. I loved seeing our Australian native animals up close too-my favouites were the birds, kangaroos & koalas. We were running late for the tiger show, when who did we see coming towards us but Terri Irwin. Talitha politely asked for a quick photo & she was very kind & accomodating to both our girls. It was worth being late for the tiger show just to get that! You can see the excitement in Talitha's face!! She met Bindi's Mum! All things work together for good...

We saw an interview with Bindi & Terri on the TV last night- Terri's a tower of strength & is doing a great job raising her children despite the recent tragedy. I know many people have been praying for them.

By the way Bindi's "Kidfitness" DVD is great. Talitha received it as a 5th birthday present from Grandmother & Poppy & hasn't stopped bouncing like a kangaroo yet!
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It must have been touching meeting Terri Irwin.

Claire, your girls are just beautiful!!

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