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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Am I A Blessed Mama or What!!!

We had Talitha's first ever school concert & citiation night, last night.She attends one of the Coast's Christian schools & has nearly finished her Prep year!

She & her class did a wonderful performance of "The Teddy Bears' Picnic". It was pretty emotional for me. I had a memory of myself, still in hospital, a week or so after the birth, pushing her around the corridors, hoping the motion would settle her crying. Then my Mum turned up, said it was wind & fixed it in an instant- I had much to learn!! That was nearly 5 years ago & it's gone so fast! And now here she was-singing & dancing on the stage.

Every child from grades Prep to 3 received a Citation based on how their teachers remembered them this year. Talitha's nearly moved us to tears...

"... For your wonderful knowledge of the Bible, your willingness to share that knowledge, & your obvious love for Jesus."

It was a humbling moment to realize that what we have been trying to impart into Talitha's life for the last 5 years, is now shining forth as she desires to please her Heavenly Father, even when away from us, during the school day. She is such a blessing to our life. God be praised!
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