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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lessons from the Laundry

I've spent the last couple of days conquering Mt Everest, which had slowly been transferring its location from the laundry to the bedroom-sheets, towels, & clothes & underwear for a family of 4. You see, despite the drought, it's been raining heavily & near constantly for about a week & a half up where we live & no we don't have a dryer.

Despite the rain, I kept up with as much laundry as I could, using my Mum's dryer once, putting non-urgent stuff outside (some of it got REALLY clean!), making a clothes line in the laundry & putting some items on our enamel rack in the sunroom, or in front of the fan. When we finally got a day & a half of sunshine, I dried about 3 loads-hence the growing pile in our bedroom.
I've never been fond of the look of a laundry pile in one's home, so I usually try to keep up on it-If I can't it "hides" in a bucket in a corner of our room. So I had a very busy day, washing & folding & putting things to be ironed in a basket. (Lest anyone be tempted to think I'm a perfect housewife, I rarely see the bottom of this, as we tend to wear dress up type clothes most of the time & the girls & I prefer wearing dresses & skirts most of the time- if you catch us in tracksuit pants or the like-it's been a bad week!)

But believe it or not I was so greatful to God for this sorting job on our bed! To me it represented His goodness in that He was gracious enough to fill our tank to overflowing repeatedly-we are on tank water alone-& that He provided sufficient sunshine when needed for me to get nearly all the remaining washing done. I think if I had a constant supply of town water & a clothes dryer these aspects of His providence would probably be taken for granted. I can really see why in the old days peoples faith in God was so active & strong- it had to be! Times of need can be very good for us Spiritually.

Just as our clothes can smell from being stored damp in the laundry pile, without the washing of water & warm sunshine to dry them, so too we can smell spiritually & become stale in our Christian life without the washing of water by the Word, Jesus forgiving our sins & us just loving Him as we bathe in His Sonshine & enjoy His presence. I often think how "happy" a line of washing looks, dancing in the wind & sunshine & how lovely & fresh it smells when you bring it in.

Sometimes I have days when I feel I learn more about God, just by reading His Word & being a Mum, than the 4 years part-time that I put into Bible college before I married.God is always welcome to teach me lessons as I work for Him in our home- it makes each little labour so much more exciting!!

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Hi Claire,

Thank you for this beautiful post. You made me think of the hymn "count your blessings", and I'm now doing just that. We serve a good God!

In Christ,

11:28 am  

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