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Sunday, March 09, 2008

An Easter Poem for Children

I wrote this poem recently, while contemplating what would be a simple way to convey the Easter story and message to little ones...

Jesus died upon the cross to wash our sins away.

The angels up in Heaven began to cry that day.

All the sins that Mankind did He bore upon His back,

All so God in heaven could buy His loved ones back.

The soldiers nailed His hands and feet, put thorns upon His head.

It was for love He endured the cross and for our sins He bled.

They laid Lord Jesus in a tomb, all was silent then

But three days later it was found, he came to life again!

Because of Jesus I can live in love a brand new life,

His power can keep me from naughtiness and strife.

You can come to meet Him too, if only you'll believe,

Repent and trust in what He's done and You He will receive!!


posted by Father's Grace Ministries at 9:59 pm


Beautiful! You are so very creative.

3:24 am  

Thankyou, but I have to give the Lord credit for this one.I can write creatively, but it usually takes me quite a while, and I need a lot of peace and quiet. This Easter poem came to me during craft time at Sunday school. Despite the noise and interruptions,it came together really quickly. That's how I know it was HIM and not ME.
It blesses my heart knowing that it blessed yours.

8:44 pm  

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