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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Being Classically Minded Girls...

We spend most every Sunday afternoon and evening, after Church, at my parents' place. First and foremost it's the Lord's Day, but for our children, it's also Grandmother and Poppy day.

As he reads the Sunday paper, my Dad always pulls out the childrens'section- comics and articles- for the children to look at just while they're there. Usually they just contain stuff like Bob the Builder, The Wiggles or the like, but lately sometimes the editors have slipped in stuff like Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, Hannah Montana, Bratz etc- things we don't want them looking at... So hubby and I try to do a quick censorship first before they see it.

Anyway, last Sunday, they got to the kids' section before we did, and they were intently studying something quite seriously, saying, "I know him!! Do you know who that is? I know him too, but I can't think of his name." Mum and I tiptoed over behind them, just to check what they were looking at, and guess what- It was these guys- Beethoven and Mozart!!! It was an article on classical music! They love to listen to what we play at home and must have studied our CD covers.... I'm glad they're classically minded girls. I'd much rather they recognize Mozart and Beethoven, than Britney Spears or the like!

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posted by Father's Grace Ministries at 10:01 pm


How wonderful!
We, too, love classical and it is a blessing to see them identify songs/composers rather than who the latest "star" is that is being advertised/promoted.
I can see why that would thrill your heart!

Thank you for your kind comment. Your words were a blessing and an encouragement to me.
How wonderful that you are homeschooling!!

~ Christina

9:24 pm  

Wow, I haven't visited your site in a while! I am going to try to catch up here!


12:37 am  

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