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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pictures from Our Church's Easter Production

We had our children involved in a small play for Easter this year. My husband, who is so ingenious- wrote the script, which was narrated by me, as storyteller, on the day. The Easter story was told through the eyes of the Apostle John (Our Zara was "Little John"!) and involved scenes with John, the High Priest, The Roman Centurian and Mary Magdelene.

Here I am narrating the Story of Easter. As the children's characters were mentioned, they went behind the curtain for their props.

Little John and the High Priest are in costume.

I think it got the message across in a sensitive way, but of course with children, we had a few laughs- especially when both the High Priest and the Roman Centurian had their hats fall off unexpectedly. I unfortunately started to laugh, and had to look away from the kids to gain my composure. All in all, it went over well. The children enjoyed blessing the rest of the church, and every one was impressed by the props, which the children made, nearly all by themselves.

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