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Monday, June 30, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Well I'm about 14 or 15 weeks along now, and while I'm only about a third of the way along, I look about two thirds along- I'm going to be enormous!!

We've just started a two week holiday break from homeschool, which I badly need; as I've fallen behind with housework, not just with schooling, but the extreme tiredness and "Morning" sickness that comes with carrying twins at 40. I'm usually not too bad in the mornings, though I've had some days when I've had to homeschool with a bucket handy- BLECH!. Once school is over though I'm often exhausted. Some days I've accomplished little more after school than doing the laundry, washing the dishes and cooking dinner. So I'll be playing catch up in the mornings now instead of teaching school.

Four year old Zara is such a blessing though. On one very sick day recently, she gave up most of her homeschool lunch hour to help me of her own accord to get the clothes off the line, hang more up, and later on she wiped the dishes for me!! Other days she has vaccuumed for me and done a sterling job!

I've also been blessed with the services of a top doctor at our local hospital. We go through the public system, and trust the Lord to get us the best doctor to suit our situations. When we went for my initial appointment with a midwife to review my birth history (including the extensive surgery I had on my uterus), the midwife went white, immediately went to talk to one of the top doctors of the department, and came back and said that one remembered me from previous and volunteered to personally look after me for the duration of the pregnancy! I have my first appointment on the 10th July. I'll also be offerred several more ultrasounds to check progress as I go.

I was hoping to put up a photo of the twins ultrasound, but I think it still must be in hubby's phone! Never mind, another day!

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