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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Please Pray for Max

I'd been meaning to post an "I'm Back" post the last couple of days but hadn't gotten around to it. Instead I'm posting a prayer request again to uphold my husband , Max, who has just gone off to hospital via ambulance again, for cardio-inversion No. 27. Please pray for peace and grace for Max as he undergoes another one, for God's hand of protection to be upon him, and competency in the Emergency team.

I prayed for him when he awoke in AF, and his heart rate actually slowed down a little by the time the ambulance arrived. I'm hoping and praying he'll be back in normal rhythm by daybreak- it's 3.30 am here now.

The twins and the rest of us are all fine. I had a longer than normal hospital stay starting from the last Saturday in November. The rash had spread all over me and Max came home to find me with a fever. I was admitted, but still had to wait till the 2nd December for my Ceaser, though they considered doing it earlier. Praise the Lord, I had no post-op complications this time, prayers were answered, but at 40, now 41, I found it that bit harder to recover ( it was my third major uterine surgery) so was in hospital 12 days, we then spent over a week at my parents' place while I recovered and while hubby continued to shop for a new vehicle to fit us all in! We finally got a Chrysler Voyager. We'd been shopping for months to find a people mover that had enough room inside not only for people, but for a twin pram and the other paraphernalia we carry. Our new van even has the letters "Jah" on the rego plate- how's that for God's stamp of approval!! We had no internet at Mum and Dad's, and then our computer crashed!, so we've been offline for a while.

Anyway, we covet your prayers for Max this Lord's Day, I'll let you know how it all goes, and plan on posting a testimony soon of how God has blessed us with our children. God bless you all.


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