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Friday, November 18, 2011

Please pray for Max!

If you see this would you please lift Max up to the Lord, as he is in an ambulance heading off for another cardio-inversion. He had 2 episodes last month, and they seem to be occuring more frequently. Please pray for him today, and please too keep praying for my brother, Mark (see previous post).



Thankyou for your prayers- it worked first time, and Max is back at home with us again.
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Please PRAY for My Brother, Mark

I am requesting prayer for my younger brother, Mark, who I fear may be seriously ill. For a couple of years now, Mark has had a lump growing on the side of his neck. I don't know if it is cancerous or benign, as he refuses to seek conventional medical advice. Instead he is treating his overall health with natural foods and alternative treatments. The lump is now very large and seems to have changed the sound of his voice. He is greatly struggling with his health at the moment.

 While he won't seek the aid of a regular physician, I know he is not beyond the reach of our Great Physician, The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that if it be His will, that our Lord  would touch and heal him of this affliction, and pray for his salvation. Mark accepted the Lord as a child, but no longer goes to church. I know the Lord is there with him, just waiting for Mark to turn his heart towards him again.

I love my brother- please pray for him.

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