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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Homeschooling at the Park

Headmaster Daddy and his beloved youngest son- a man who raises his children in the "Fear and admonition of the Lord".

Music Lessons- Microphone technique today!

Drama Class- a brilliant thespian- this Peter Pan can really lose his shadow!

Physical Education at its best!

The intensity of nature study!

Lessons in Grace and Beauty!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Family History Website

I'm very excited at the moment, as my Aunt, Fay Bradford,(our family historian and author of "One Way Ticket") has set up a family history website to supplement her wonderful book, and to keep family up-to date on family news as well as any memories, stories or anecdotes that come to mind.

I'm mentioning this on my blog, as I have a variety of international readers, who might just happen to know people of the surname Kuskopf, in particular, or of some of the other compatriot families mentioned who immigrated around the same time- we know that some went to Illinois.

US, so there could be descendants anywhere now, and it would be so exciting for my Aunt to be able to add to our family tree.

the website address for "One Way Ticket Revisited" is http://onewayticketrevisited.weebly.com/

The picture I have included is a special one for me. The parents in the middle are my Great Great Grandparents, Peter and Catherine (pronounced Caterina) kuskopf. Catherine was formerly Rehder from Kellinghusen in Schleswig-Holstein. They were the first settlers in Palmwoods on The Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane in Queensland.

Catherine, was Peter's second wife-their own children together were the 3 girls and the baby boy on her lap. but she was greatly loved by the children of both families. She was a woman of great grace and character, and I wish I could have known her. Seated next to her mother's shoulder is Catherine, my Great Grandmother, who went on to grow up and have 17 children.

Our family heritage is very important to me, to keep the stories alive in our children's hearts and minds- the perilous sea journeys and the providence of God. The wonderful people who walked this way before us, must never be forgotten.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prayers For Max, Please

Hi there. Just letting you know I had to send Max off in the ambulance again about 2.20pm for another cardio-inversion, and I ask that if you see this over the next few hours, if you would kindly pray for God's protection over him. I don't know what time it will be done, as Max was out having his quiet time when his heart jumped out of rhythm, and if he had lunch, they may want to fast him first, after he is stablised.

God is good. He was sitting in a cafe in our little village when it happened, and he managed to go downstairs to the car, rang me to order the ambulance, and managed to drive the short distance home safely AND get up our stairs.

Thank you for your prayers. We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this month, and have been going through these emergency situations for nearly 8 years now.
UPDATE: MAX is all fixed once again and should be home in a short while. Thankyou for your prayers.
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