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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankyou Lord!!!

And thankyou for your prayers- just spoke to Max on the phone, and all is well-cardio-inversion worked first time!

It's the Lord's Day here, so I'll have a friend pick him up from hospital soon, and we'll be off to Church soon, tired as we are. How can we not give God glory?

I found I was more anxious this time- it all seemed too normal, so unemotional, so clinical, and then my eldest woke up, and again so unemotionally we had a talk, would she still love Jesus if He decided to keep Daddy and not let him come home as we hoped. Thankfully she got some sleep in our bed after a short while. I've had an extra 1 1/2 hours sleep, but still feel odd and crampy in the stomache. I'm fine in emergency situations, but generally feel ill later, even though I'm relieved and happy.

It helps to write how I feel, I hope you don't think me strange that I feel so unemotional right now. Coming into the Christmas season is usually a very emotional and joyous time for me, firstly remembering the miracle of The Incarnation, The first advent of Christ, and the fact that all of our children were born in December, with Zara soon after in January. I get very emotional remembering their births, and how I nearly died after having Zara, and yet the Lord brought me safely through the arrival of the boys nearly a year ago.

Sorry for raving on so, I feel better now. I'm going to play some hymns while the children are still sleeping and ready myself and them for Church. My miracle man will have another good testimony today!

Thankyou for praying.
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Prayers Needed Again

It's 3am and yet again I'm requesting prayers for my dear husband, whose heart has gone into rapid AF for the third time in just over a month. Please pray the usual as per the last few blog entries.

I never intended my blog to become a list a prayer requests- don't get me wrong great things are happening in our lives, we've just a had a busy month- too busy to blog much- but this is a great concern to me that this has happened 3 times in just over a month for no apparent reason. It's a test of my faith, and I'm starting to wonder if it's time for Max to be on medication for his condition, or, dare I say it, if this the beginning of the end...

I covet your prayers this night wherever on the globe you live. My 7 year old daughter woke as max was led out to the ambulance, so no doubt will spend the rest of the night in our bed- will keep you posted.

Thank you Jesus for Your Peace


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Saturday, November 07, 2009

All Is Well

Well, they had a good team of Doctors on at the hospital, who didn't muck around with Max's heart condition. He was cardio-inverted pretty much straight away- fixed him first zap!- and I spoke to him in the ER over the phone just under 2 hours after it happened. He's resting now,awaiting discharge.

Thank the Lord for HIs mercy and Grace- YET AGAIN!!- and thankyou for praying.

If you've never read any of my posts about Max's heart conditions: He has tricuspet artesia, pulmonary stenosis and transposition of the great vessells. He has NEVER had heart surgery, takes no medication at this point except for 1/2 an aspirin per day and fish oil capsules, and for the last nearly 8 years has had several episodes a year of rapid AF attacks, the only treatment being for him cardio-inversions, as medications such as amiodorone alone won't put him back in normal rhythm. There's a good chance he is the oldest living person on Earth with these conditions. He horrifies his doctors by visiting developing countries to preach, ends up in hospitals, and lives to tell the tale, bringing much glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, whom we praise for each extra day we have with our walking miracle!


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Please pray for Max, again! Just 9 days ago I sent my hubby off in the ambulance with a life threatening AF situation ( due to his 3 rare heart defects), and now he is on the way to hospital by ambulance again. Please lift him up before The Lord Jesus in prayer. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED THIS CLOSE TOGETHER BEFORE! W hatever the cause, please pray... Will let you know more in a couple of hours.




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