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Monday, June 21, 2010

Waiting For Max to Arrive Home

Just a quick note to let you all know that Max is OK.He actually ended up having 2 cardio-inversions last night, separately. The first one was already done by 3am. when I rang, and they told me he was stable, but that after the procedure his heart jumped back out again into a slow uneven rhythm.THIS HAD NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.They were at the time waiting for the consultant to decide whether or not to repeat the sedation and cardio-inversion. By the time I rang just after six am this morning, it was done successfully and Max was ready to be picked up.

What a night! I think I've had about 3 hours broken sleep. Thankfully we are starting 2 weeks of school holidays today. My beloved has just walked in the door! That's the best sound in the world, when you've had a night like mine!!!

Thankyou for your prayers!
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Requesting Prayer For Max Again

Hi It's 1:22am here, and yes I've just sent my beloved off in the ambulance again. I awoke after little over an hours sleep, to Max sitting up in bed with an approx heart rate of 150 beats per min.He went to the toilet and it jumped into AF in less than a minute. I think it's only been a matter of weeks since his last cardio-inversion.

Please pray as he preppares for his 41st cardio-inversion(Max has adjusted my cardio count- it out by a few in one of my last posts.Please pray God preserves him safely through the procedure again,and for immediate treatment and competant care in the ER- they are usually pretty good, they know him very well!

Please pray also that when he is released either later on tonight or this morning, that it would work out convenient for Max's best mate to collect him for us. We've all had or still have the flu at the moment and I don't really want to wake all 4 children and take them out in the cold or dark.

Will let you know what happens. I need to get some sleep. There'll be no use ringing the hospital for a couple of hours at least

Thankyou for your prayers. Supporting us in prayer at these times is greater than silver or gold.
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What We've Been Up To....

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I've been wanting to share some pictures with you all, but we've mislaid our computer cable to do so. So for now, word pictures must suffice!!

Our little family is keeping me very busy these days, what with homeschooling, housekeeping, and caring for hubby,girls and twins. Our boys are growing sooo big sooo quickly- only 18months old and already in size 2s!!! They are going to be so tall. We'll be getting them measured soon at our next doctors visit.

The girls are learning so much with homeschool. They are already becoming self-motivated learners. Like their Mama and Daddy, their noses are rarely out of a book, and like me their book piles are accumulating!!

I still love to read- mainly Christian books and classics, but my piles shrink at a much slower rate than in times gone by. Besides my Bible, I'm currently reading Spurgeon's Morning by Morning; Edith Schaeffer's The Art of Living; The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer and John Calvin, His Life ,Teaching and Influence- I find books on The Reformation fascinating. I've recently finished Abide In Christ by Andrew Murray-LOVED IT, The God of All Comfort by Hannah Whitall Smith, and For The Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. It may sound like a lot, but believe me they took a long time to read!

We recently took the girls on a family excursion to a working dairy farm, and they got to help wash the cows' teats and to have a go at hand milking- they were so excited! I had the boys in the pram, so I couldn't get as close. Max got some great pics. The Jersey cows were absolutely beautiful,big brown eyes, and of course we got to take home some REAL unadulterated milk-there is nothing like it in my opinion-YUM!!!

Our thrifting expeditions have borne wonderful fruit lately- God has truly blessed us in needs and wants. We'd been wanting to upgrade our dining table for some time from a six seater to an eight, even though the boys are still in highchairs at the moment. We got a new to us pine colonial setting for an unbelievable price-lovely heavy table and very comfortable chairs. My husband also found a vintage/antique/very heavy oil lamp to grace it at a Collectorama. We're big Little House on the Prairie fans here, and it looks pretty close to the one the Ingalls family had in the TV series.

Oh! and for the grand sum of twenty dollars, my bargain hunting hubby also picked up a bowed front 1950's china cabinet. I love antiques, but have a soft spot for mid-20th century vintage too! :-)

We went to a garage sale that was on behalf of an elderly couple just moved into a nursing home. What was left needed to be sold quickly, so they could secure a rental income, so we were invited to :Take what you like for $20! I did. I had to show restraint and keep in mind the amount of-no lack of- space we have at home, but we came out with a beautiful 8 piece dinner service, a 1950s hairdryer complete with book, a vintage cannister, some hardly used 70s tupperware,some peach FireKing for my collection, and some framed sketches. We've also done really well lately building our library- more vintage books for our children, including Christian ones, and other books and material to use in the future for homeschool. I'm starting to wonder why people would want to buy ANYTHING new-except maybe underwear and shoes!!! LOL

On a more serious note, Max needed another cardio-inversion early Monday morning, but God brought him through again. He's now had a total of 38! Does anyone out there in Blogland know of anyone else who has had a lot of these? I'm very curious...

Must go I've rambled on long enough about our very ordinary, but very blessed lives.

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