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Monday, May 25, 2009

Sky Angel Cowboy, Logan

I really hope this video blesses you as it did our family. The simple faith of this 13 year old boy is outstanding. It's interesting that the closer you live to nature, the more God can convey the deepest truths to you, through everyday situations. We pray that our boys will have the same strong faith. Be sure to turn off Old Fashioned Christian Radio on the left of the screen, so you can hear the video clearly.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prayers Answered!!

Thankyou for praying. Finally managed to get through by phone to the hospital. He's been cardio-inverted and is recovering. I'm So thankful for God's continued grace and mercy. It's after 2am here- I'd better get some sleep. God bless you, Oh and happy Mother's Day!
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Urgent Prayer Request.

Please pray if you are awake and happen to see this. My husband Max has just left in the ambulance to go to the hospital for what will be his 29th cardio-inversion. This is his first one he's had since he nearly died in Vanuatu on Feb 4th.

Please pray for competency in the medical team at the hospital, which would have just changed shift, and for God's hand of mercy and protection to be upon him.


If you want to know more about his very rare conditions, try putting" heart' into the search blog box at the top of the page, as I've posted a few times on this.


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Friday, May 08, 2009

Talitha's Birth Name Poem


Fourteen days before Christmas Talitha Chloe was born-

Her mother Claire was resting, with a smile for one and all.

This Gift of Life was welcome,- GOD had heard her call!

Her father had a dazed look, as only fathers can.

He wondered what to do next. Has he got a plan?

The family was parading before this new born Queen.

They didn't come on camels, to arrive upon the scene.

But joyously they came there, in cars that looked so swell,

To pledge their love to Talitha, and Mum and Dad as well.

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Zara Hope's Birth Name Poem


It was the fifth day of January-2004.

There was Zara Hope arriving- on the floor

Her mother Claire was quite surprised

She rested for a while.

Father Max raced round and round-

He couldn't hide his smile.

All the family came to see- this treasure

oh so bright.

They all said "She looks great to me,

but is her mother right."

Claire's strength is in her heart,

and the LORD shall lead the way.

Pain and suffering amount to nought,

now that Zara's here to stay.

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The Twins Birth Name Poem

I think I must have the best Dad in the world- he's not bad at poetry either! My darling Dad has written a birth name poem for each of our children. We frame them and hang them in our children's rooms, and they are greatly treasured items in our family. Names are very significant to us. Here is the twins' poem:

Zachary and Christopher

They came at once as babies do.

First there was one then there were two.

Zachary and Christopher at last were here.

Claire could rest- and shed a tear.

Max's smile was quite broad,

As he moved around the ward.

Talitha and Zara waited with Grandmother,

And Poppy lay down and tried to recover.

Claire's prayers were answered at last- two boys.

May their lives be filled with ample joys.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thrifted Literary Treasures

My wonderful, bargain-seeking husband blessed us abundantly last weekend when he happened upon a garage-sale in the same town we live in. Knowing how much I'm inspired by the art and brave lifestyle of the late Tasha Tudor, he snapped up "Springs of Joy". I have 2 of her books now!

For those who aren't familar with illustrator Tasha Tudor, who passed away last year in her nineties, she was as widely known for her beautiful gardens, afternoon teas, and living her desire to dwell in the 1830s, and to bring her children up in an innocent non-commercial world, as she was for her beautiful watercolour illustrations. She truly followed her dreams and lived a life consistant with Phillipians 4:8. She still inspires me. Hers was the real world- not the techno-overladen society that surrounds us today. I'm convinced we can all learn from Tasha- not that we all have to live in the 1830s- but that we can make our homes havens of joy and peace, dance to the beat of our own drum and not the commercial world's, and give our children something far better.

After that little digression, hubby also bought "The Fairy Caravan" by Beatrix Potter- I LOVE Beatrix Potter! and The Buttercup Story Book by Enid Blyton- beautiful treasures to capture our children's imaginations. He also purchased some Dr Suess books just for fun and a few others that Talitha loved. I can't wait to find some time and a cosy nook to read some myself!

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Visiting Places in Song- A Just for Fun Post!

It just occurred to me lately , how many songs have been written celebrating different places on this Earth in song. Now we mainly listen to Christian music in our house, apart from a community station for elderly folk which plays stuff mainly from the 30's to the 70's, which we enjoy listening to in the car, so my listening scope is probably pretty limited!

Here's where you come in. I'm going to list as many place name songs I can think of, and then I invite you to comment and add to my list if you so desire, and also I thought it would be fun to know where you're from, and how you found my little blog.

I have some song titles swirling through my head now. I'm wondering if there will turn out to be more songs written about Paris or New York, or maybe somewhere else in the world... Now, let's see:

- I Still Call Australia Home

- Tenterfield Saddler

-Advance Australia Fair

- I've been Everywhere , man!

- Botany Bay

- Rocky Mountain High

-Country Road

- Kentucky Rain

- Georgia on My Mind

-Going To Graceland...

- O Susanna!

-Mississppi Girl

- Carolina in the Morning

- Way Down Yonder in New Orleans

-I left My heart in San Franscisco

- San Franscisco

-New York, New York (x2)


-Springtime in the Rockies

-The White Cliffs of Dover

- Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner

- I Love Paris in the Springtime

- The Last Time I saw Paris

- Loch Lomand

-Scotland the Brave

- The Girl From Ipanema

-Blue Moon of Kentucky

- Blue Hawaii

- Moonlight in Vermont

- Moscow, Moscow

- California Here I Come!

- The Yellow Rose of Texas

- Deep in the Heart of Texas

OK, I'm all out of ideas! Now it's up to you to help me.

NB. If you're new to my blog and have just happened along, I just ask that you keep your song choices family-friendly please :)

Happy singing and typing!


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