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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Simple Pleasure on a Mild Winter's Day

We are currently enjoying the last month of winter here in sunny Queensland. Queensland winters are very mild, though up in the hills where we live it gets very cold at night and in the early morning.

Today was a surprise... It started off cold as usual, and then by midday it felt like we'd suddenly skipped to summer!- very unseasonal...

I opened the window near me after lunch when I was washing the dishes, and I could hear my girls squealing with delight as they danced and played near our water tank. They had both shed their shoes and one of them waved and said happily, "Look Mama- we are playing in our feet!!!"

Perfectly priceless!!!


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Monday, August 16, 2010

Beatrix Potter's Nursery Rhyme Book

My lovely 8 year daughter went thrifting with her Daddy this week, and bought this lovely book for me. She knows her Mama well- how much I love Miss Potter's beautiful illustrations, and writings for children. I love that girl. She has good taste, and now keeps an eye out for vintage stuff as well. But I love her most of all, for the tender heart that bought the gift.

Here's a rhyme from the book that I'd never heard before. It was so beautiful. I thought I'd post it for you:


With pomp power and glory

the world beckons vainly,

In chase of such vanities

why should I roam?

While peace and content bless

my little thatched cottage,

And warm my own hearth

with the treasures of home.

Isn't that precious? I'd like to be like that faithful, old black kettle in the picture!
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Friday, August 06, 2010

Inspired by The English Nursery

Who else out there loves the idea of the traditional English nursery? You know, the world of Christopher Robin , Mary Poppins, and The Darling Family children in Peter Pan... The bedroom adjoining the larger play area equipped with its own sofa bookcase and of course- toys!

Being a long time lover of classic, English literature for children, this world has always come alive in my minds eye- minus the Nanny of course, as I love to raise and nurture my own children. We love collecting Beatrix Potter Books, beautiful Nursery Rhyme Books, AA Milne Pooh originals, some Enid Blyton Books and of course Paddington Bear!- all little tastes of England- my Grandfather was Brittish.

I've been pondering on this a lot lately, as the time is soon coming to move the twins out of our room, and into Max's old office. It's a tiny room, but being right next door to the playroom- it's the closest I'm going to get to an English nursery!

Reality check- we live in a 1970's 3 bedroom rental- the room is small, poky, has no storage (though we have a $5 thrifted pine tallboy), and we probably shouldn't paint anything- BUT we can ACCESSORIZE!!!!!

So far we have found to decorate it-all thrifted- a tiny wooden train, a tiny wooden sailboat, a small Paddington Bear, a noddy doll, a vintage Noddy in his car (probably 1970s), a toy red London Bus, and because he's vintage and hard to resist, a 1960s Mr Squiggle the Man from the Moon.

I'm looking forward to the BIG MOVE, which hopefully won't be too far off- I'm itching to decorate our boys room!!!!.

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