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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Effects of Fantasy on Children

This was heavily on my mind this morning, as I read a notice sent out to all the parents of pupils attending our daughter's small Christian school. It warned about rough play, bullying,& fighting at school & encouraged every parent to reinforce these warnings at home that rough play is not acceptable. It also briefly warned parents about how playing violent video games etc can directly influence their behaviour.

This topic is very near to our hearts, for both my husband & I used to minister on the effects of fantasy on children. My husband, before I met him, used to speak at churches, schools & on TV on the subject & I did some ministry to Christian Women a few years back.It was funny that my husband & I studied some of the same books on the subject years before we met.

My husband has been busy updating our ministry website to include some multimedia material. If you click on the link to the right of my blog, you will find an audio recording that I did for a Christian Radio program a few years ago on the topic, if it interests you.I'm also going to do a series of short posts every Tuesday on the subject, as it is quite extensive.

Personally I don't think technology has done any favours to our children. I believe children were better off in the good ole days, playing with their siblings outside & enjoying generic toys like billy carts & baby dolls.Their imaginations weren't dulled by television, but were stimulated by the good books their parents read to them.Technology has robbed us of the joys of simplicity.
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Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more. Television and video games have completely destroyed the minds of children and the youth of today. I truly believe video games and Hollywood are some of the devil’s tools to poison our minds. Adults are vulnerable to such things, how much more are children? I guess the way to describe it is “monkey see, monkey do”.

A few years ago, I vowed unto the Lord to do away with Hollywood and with movies. Then, January 2005, I vowed to do away with television altogether; I only watch the news once in a while. Those decisions have helped increase my walk with Christ. I can now consecrate my time with reading my Bible and other books. Instead of poising my mind, I get it cleansed and refreshed.

Hope I have not gone off topic, but I really agree with what you have to say. You really do say it best “Technology has robbed us of the joys of simplicity.” Very true. Thank you for a great post! God bless,


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