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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Talitha & Zara at Australia Zoo

Here are Talitha & Zara meeting Wes Mannion, the director of Australia Zoo. He's a lovely man & was more than willing to have his picture taken with the girls, while they were visiting the zoo recently.

My husband & I were hosting a guest from Malaysia, where my husband ministers quite frequently. KK was the young mans name, & has become a good friend from the many ministry trips to Penang.

Steve Irwin is very well known throughout Asia, & it was the one place KK longed to visit. So seeing Australia Zoo is right next door to where we live, blessing him with this visit was one of the things my husband wished to do. The bonus of course was our girls got to go too, & all 3 got photos with Wes.

I've been online for a while now, & I thought it was about time you got to know us a little better, especially since I've enjoyed seeing many of your family pics on your blogs. Stay tuned for more. Blessings from the Roberts family.
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Your girls are beautiful. They are true daughters of the King, two little princesses!

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